My name is Francisco Requena, I’m biotechnologist with a focus on computational biology, I’m interested in the understanding of biomedical issues through data using tools like programming (R, Python), machine learning, statistics and data visualization (maps, interactive plots, Shiny…).

Now I’m doing a master degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

Besides, I have developed open data projects using R/Shiny:

1. DrugsPlot: Web application which analyzes data from the European Monitoring
Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) with more than 500 variables through
data visualization such as interactive boxplots, shapefile maps and automated reports.
Developed with R and Shiny. Access: Drugsplot

2. HealthPlot: This app is conformed by a total of 40 datasets and more than 50
graphics divided into 13 categories (health, religion, politics, genre, security, ancestry,
immigration, demography, economic, logistic, languages and population) that reflect
some aspects of the American society. Every dataset was individually cleaned and prepare
for the app. Access: HealthPlot

3. RSciencexplorer2016: This application analyzes more than 12.000 articles and 22.000
tweets obtained through relevant scientific journals (and their twitter accounts). This
app was built with R and Shiny. Access: RSciencexplorer2016

You can download my CV here.

This is my email: frequena.sanchez@hotmail.com